Save up to 40% on your insurance premiums with a windstorm mitigation inspection from Titan Building Solutions

Florida Statute 627.0629 was adopted to require residential property insurance providers in Florida to provide “discounts, credits, or other rate differentials, or other appropriate reductions in deductibles” for residential properties where construction methods that have been shown to reduce loss caused by windstorms are employed.

The problem is that most Florida homeowners are not aware that these discounts exist and could save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in homeowners insurance cost by having a professional windstorm mitigation inspection preformed on their home.

Before you choose a Wind Mitigation Inspector, make sure that they are licensed to perform this inspection. Only state certified licensed contractors, engineers, architects or building officials can certify the inspection OIR-B1-1802 form. Your insurance company will not accept an unqualified inspection report. Call Titan Building Solutions at 561-228-1420 and start Saving today.

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